To check the tension, you can pull the chain in the direction away from the chainsaw. All such issues reduce the life of the bar, chain, and other parts of your pole saw. This causes a lot of stress on the guide bar nose and drive sprocket. Make sure your electric pole saw’s cord is connected to the extension cord, and that the extension cord is connected to a power source. It is quite possible I abused the joint with overstress during the time or two I cut the branch from the wrong side and the weight of the branch pinched the chainsaw bar. That movement could have easily exceeded the View & Download more than 10 000 arris tg1682g User PDF manuals DFMA snap-together joints’ strength.

  • This can hinder the movement of the chain as it cuts, cause it to stop spinning, bind up, or even come loose from the bar.
  • Your saw’s product manual will tell you what ratio of fuel to oil you should use if you’re not using a premade mix.
  • Single and Double Island Hoods to remove heat, smoke and grease-laden effluent.

Made with a seven-foot extension pole, this saw offers the freedom to work at different lengths for different tasks. With the extension, you can reach up to twelve feet high to safely prune and remove unwanted tree limbs. For tighter, more precise cuts, just remove the pole and use the detachable saw head for close cuts. With pole saws, manual versions are better for pruning, as powered models tend to make more of a crude cut that’s not ideal for pruning. It can be done, but manual pole saws are gentler on the branch in question. Corded electric pole saws usually have the smallest engine size, and battery-powered versions vary depending on the model, and the size of the battery.

How To Sharpen Hedge Trimmers: Get Cleaner And Healthy Cuts To Plants

The only thing you can do at that point is let it cool down and reset itself before you can continue cutting. However, when making cuts to its maximum cutting diameter (6”), the saw had trouble keeping up and tended to stop about 2” into the cut. The battery snaps into place at the back of the saw behind the handle bar and is held in by a plastic retention clip that’s an integral part of the battery. The clip also helps in removing the battery – just pull up on the retention clip and the battery slides out.

Why Its Important To Adjust The Chain Tension?

This is a review of the EXPAND-IT 10″ Pole Saw Attachment from Ryobi for their 40V series of cordless OPE. Much of the maintenance with powered pole saws revolves around the blades and is very similar to basic chainsaw maintenance. As I’ve already highlighted, pole saws that aren’t manually powered are more or less smaller chainsaws on the end of a pole. If you’re trying to use a pole saw to chainsaw something on the ground in front of you, you’re going to have a hard time with a pole in the way. There’s also drive links, which run inside the groove of your guide bar.

I replaced a Poulon I’ve had for the past 10 or 12 years. Remove the engine side, just loosen 3 screws and the engine and trigger assy slide right off. My other thought is that the stud is molded into plastic case. The owner may have over wrenched, and now the stud is turning in the plastic mold. It turns out the clamping collet base was coming loose from the pole.

But that doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from trying in my opinion, since it might just prevent an issue from happening. If this doesn’t work you could try ordering a replacement part from the manufacturer and replace the part entirely. If you’re confident in your skills this is something I would recommend trying as it could be the cause of the issues. Depending on your confidence and skill level you do have the option to check the starter switch and see if that is causing all the issues. You will need to check all the connections to the starter switch and if anything does seem a bit lose I would recommend tightening them. Hopefully, this will get your chainsaw started and solve your problem before you have to spend more money. A lot of the time this will fix the problem and you will be good to go but if it’s not there is still another thing you can try.

These can be limbs that have died, are in the process of dying, or limbs that are simply in the way of something, like power lines. Also, not all types of trees and shrubs will need trimmers to keep the leaves back or shaped. There are some types of trees that benefit from both, but most people’s property’s will generally have pole saws for trees, and trimmers for shrubs and bushes. Pole trimmers are something you’ll often see alongside pole saws inside any serious landscaper or arborist’s tool collection. The cord goes all the way up to the clippers, and then back down to the handle area. The end of the cord usually has a horizontal wood or plastic handle that makes it easier to grip, and thus pull down with.